Raw Dice Finishing Guide:
I use cap molds for my dice so in general this means there is less work in finishing.
Please try to use gloves and a mask when sanding. You don't want to breath in any resin dust.

Items needed:
-3m polishing papers
-microfiber towel
-acrylic paint
-small paint brush

Sanding : For the most part, just the edges of the lowest face need to be sanded. Be sure to wet your papers before starting. Start with the dark green paper and very lightly sand the rough edges. Work in circles and keep even pressure. Once the edges are no longer rough, move up in color on the papers. (Be sure to check the correct order on the package) For every color after the green, spend about 30 seconds on each edge before moving on to the next color. Wipe off residue as you go. Once you reach the white paper on all your edges, you are done!

Inking : Acrylic ink works best. Pick your favorite color and a tiny brush and apply the paint into the numbers. Use your finger or a wipe to wipe away the excess. Once the numbers have dried you can go back and wipe off any residual paint that will likely get on the face of the die.